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It takes years of hard work and a ton of your parents money to earn a class ring. Register it with lost my and improve your chances of recovering it if it's lost or stolen.
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Class rings are a symbol of accomplishment that an individual wears. They represent all the hard work that went into completing a diploma, certificate, or degree from a high school, college, university or technical school. You must graduate to wear a class ring. Attending a quarter at Harvard and then dropping out or going to another school, doesn’t get you the right to wear a Harvard class ring.

Many engineering schools have a tradition of making the rings from the metal of a failed structure, most commonly a bridge, to remind students of the importance of their calling.

The rings are most commonly gold or white gold, but other metals such as silver are used as well. Two-toned rings, gold and white gold, or black-hills gold are becoming more common.

The center stone in the ring is usually selected to match the school colors of the institution that it represents. The rings are often given an ‘antique’ finish that darkens areas of the ring, allowing the design to stand out and be easily seen. The year of graduation is one of the most common elements in a class ring.

The class ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the right hand, opposite the wedding ring on the left hand. However, some people, especially men, choose to wear the ring on the same finger as their wedding ring, which may be curved to allow a comfortable fit between the two. Tradition dictates that the ring should be worn so that the wearer (graduate) views the ring right side up when the stretch their arm out.

Given their high sentimental value, and the great amount of work and sacrifice that went into earning them, class rings are excellent candidates for registration with LostMyRing.Com. While they can be replaced, many people have formed an attachment to their ring and would want to insure the highest probability that it was returned if it was lost.




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