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Ring finding tips to help you find or recover lost wedding, anniversary, engagement, class, sentimental or valuable rings.
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Have you lost your wedding ring, class ring or sentimental ring? Need some guidance to help increase your chances of getting it back?

Losing any sentimental item can be tough, but losing a wedding ring seems especially hard to take. It is such a symbol of the bond of marriage that the loss of it can be emotionally painful. Losing a class ring also has the same kind of feeling.

For you to find your lost ring, you will want to approach it systematically. Finding your ring will require patience and a method.

Below is the 10 (?) step checklist to recovering your lost wedding ring.

  1. Try to determine where and when it was most likely lost. I know this may sound a little silly, if you knew where you lost it then it wouldn’t be lost. However, having an idea of where and when it was lost can be helpful.
  2. Act quickly. Time is not on your side. You need to get the word out quickly.
  3. Click on the Report Lost Ring link on our page and fill out a report. Include all the information along with your email address.
  4. Go to and find the closest city page to where you live. This has become a very popular place to post lost and found advertisements. Post an item lost ad on Craig’s List. Give enough detail that a finder would know it was your ring.
  5. If you know you lost it in a fairly small area, or a few locations (ie: it is either at the grocery store or the gym) post a flyer at those locations.
  6. Retrace your steps. Look very carefully
  7. If it is lost in the outdoors, consider hiring a metal detector expert or renting a metal detector and trying to find it yourself. (For tips on using a metal detector click here)
  8. Place an ad in the local newspaper where you lost it.
  9. Check all the silly places. Look in the cuff of your pants, down the couch, on the bathroom sink, under your car seat and any other place it could have dropped.
  10. Repeat your postings and ads in 1 week (you don’t need to repost here, we leave your ad up for quite some time.)
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